What tournament is V.LEAGUE 1?? Learn about the Vietnam Football Championship

V.league 1 is known as the championship tournament in Vietnam. This is a tournament that many people in our country are interested in. Today, let’s join together New88sg Learn about this top tournament in Vietnam.

What is V.league 1?

V.league 1 is known as Vietnam’s National Football Championship, also known as Night Wolf. This is the highest club-level professional football tournament in our country, sponsored by VPF (Vietnam professional football joint stock company). The tournament involves 14 teams competing in a home and away round-robin format. The team that tops the table at the end of the season will participate in the AFC Champions League next season. The second or third place team will participate in the AFC Champions League play-off.

In 1980, this tournament was launched as the national A1 football tournament, with the first champion being the General Department of Railways team. By 2023, the tournament has gone through 40 seasons. It is known that in 1988 there was no organization and in 1999 there was only a spring training tournament, and in 2021 the tournament was canceled due to the Covid 19 epidemic.

It is known that the tournament has existed under 6 different names and has undergone 3 changes in the competition format. It is known that the two most successful teams in the history of the tournament are Hanoi and The Cong – Viettel with 6 championships for each team.

It is known that the tournament was converted to a professional mechanism from the 2000 – 2001 season to allow teams to select players to play abroad.

History of formation of V.league 1

Structure formed

It is known that Vietnam’s national football competition began to form in 1955 with the Hoa Binh tournament. Right from the start, it was divided into two categories: A and B. Team The Cong was the champion of both levels A and B. The tournament was still held despite the country being in a state of war. . 

After the country was unified, the Vietnam National Championship system began in 1976 and was organized in many regions: the North with the Hong Ha tournament, the Central region with the Truong Son tournament and the South with the Cuu Cuu tournament. Long. It is known that the champion teams in each region will meet at the Final Round in Hanoi to choose the championship team. 

Formation and development

In the early stages of organization, the tournament had to constantly change its format when no format had existed for more than 2 years. In particular, the teams were divided into groups according to geographical area and played in a round robin to calculate points. The teams at the top of the table will compete against each other in the final round to compete for the championship, the teams at the bottom of the table will compete in a reverse final round to choose the relegation team.
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In 1997, the tournament was called the National First Division Football Championship. At this time, negative and difficult situations were also very common in the tournament, and by the second season with the new name, the situation had become extremely serious with up to 5 matches. There were signs of match-fixing, so the results had to be annulled.

2000-2011 moved to professional tournament

At this time, Vietnamese football has switched to a professional competition mechanism, the official national championship is called V.league with the permission of foreign players as well as naturalized players to participate in the competition. . The number of teams participating in the tournament at this stage is not always stable.

In the first 2 seasons, there were only a total of 10 teams participating in this tournament. Entering the 2003 season, the number of teams competing in the V-League increased to 12 teams. This number remained the same until the 2006 season. In 2006, V.league for the first time witnessed 14 teams participating in the competition.

2012 to present

After controversial seasons due to problems in talent as well as tournament management of the Vietnam Football Federation, a number of teams simultaneously expressed their intention to withdraw from the tournament as well as establish a new tournament. new for the 2012 season. It is known that the team with the strongest move among these is Hanoi ACB, this team had to be relegated from V.league. 

It is known that in 2013, V.league 1 only had 12 teams after a series of teams were dissolved or transferred.

Competition format

 From the 1980 season to the 1995 season: Teams were divided into different groups according to geographical area. In each group, teams will compete in a 2-round round robin. 

In the 1996 season, the teams played a round robin with 2 rounds, the bottom 2 teams would be relegated. The top 6 teams are divided into 2 groups to compete in a 2-round round to determine the top two teams to enter the finals.

Season 1997 to 2019: Teams will compete in a 2-legged round robin. This format has been applied in the 2022 season.

In the 2020 season, after the teams completing the round robin competition, the 8 teams ranked above will compete in a round robin competition to find the champion. The remaining 6 teams will compete in a round robin to choose 1 relegation spot.

The 2021 season has a similar format to 2020, but with changes in group separation.

From the 2023-2024 season, teams will round-robin 2 times from the previous year to the next year.

How to rank

The scores achieved by teams are ranked in order from high to low

If there are 2 or more teams with equal points, then rank them in order through sub-indexes such as:

  • Results of direct confrontation
  • Goal difference
  • Total goals

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