Handmade ceramic pottery

Today, pottery clay products have not only not lost their value, but, on the contrary, have become a sign of exquisite taste and living in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Handmade earthenware is a sign of aesthetic taste and the desire to use environmentally friendly things. And this is natural: a modern person, surrounded by technology, strives for naturalness and simplicity.

The first pottery appeared a long time ago – about six thousand years ago. Of course, we are not talking about an elegant wine glass or a porcelain plate, but about clay and primitive objects. At that time, no one thought about the beauty of dishes.

People made the most ancient vessels from leaves, stones, and even vegetables! For example, our grandmothers used pumpkins to make containers for water, which kept the liquid warm and fresh for a long time, and bread was wrapped or broken in cabbage leaves. However, the most common and most convenient dishes were dishes made of clay. Over time, people realized that earthenware is not only convenient for everyday use but also much better and more durable.

The first dishes had a primitive appearance, but later pottery became more similar to modern pots, bowls, and plates. In the time since pottery began to be fired over an open fire to the use of the potter’s wheel, pottery has become a full-fledged craft. Over time, pottery acquired not only a practical purpose but also an important decorative function thanks to ornaments and engraving.

It has long been known that pottery ceramic dishes could absorb negativity. At the same time, it fills the dishes prepared in it with the energy of all four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Dishes prepared in ceramic dishes are especially useful for health, because clay removes toxins from the body, treats many diseases, and gives food a special taste and aroma.

Earthenware can be effectively used in everyday life because it can independently regulate temperature and humidity. For example, compote left in a jug will remain cool even at high temperatures, and tea or coffee in a clay kettle will keep warm for several hours. Earthenware is also ideal for storing food. In the old days, when there were no refrigerators, milk in a jug could stay fresh for three or four days, and jam and pickles could be stored in clay pots without lids for almost a year. If you keep flour in pots, bugs will not start in it.

Handmade pottery products from Artglina are well known to fans of authenticity and a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, the workshop has expanded the space for imagination, won loyal fans, but continues to develop and expand the assortment: unique types of tableware and souvenirs, interesting ornaments and forms appear, but the quality of clay, devotion to ancient Ukrainian pottery traditions, established types and forms remain unchanged tableware, traditional decorations in combination with modern technologies. Artglina offers a bright selection of ceramic products – from exquisite ceramic cups, saucers, plates, teapots and handmade ornaments to exclusive jewelry.

A hand-made mug from the Viking collection, Vegvisir is known for its charming authentic look with engraved powerful symbol. There are a lot of legends here, this Vegvisir symbol may have once been painted on the Viking ships to ensure their return home. This exclusive pottery piece demonstrates the most fantastic ideas of ceramic design and expresses the passionate fortitude of the Scandinavian and North people.

The Vegvisir mug of the Viking’s collection is a special ethnic aspect that complements the elegant color and pearlescent internal glaze, supporting harmony and authenticity.

Choose eco friendly and natural product from Artglina pottery studio.

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