Sicbo – 6 Easy Sicbo Tips to Win Big for Beginners to Learn

New88 casino is a homepage that is no longer unfamiliar to online betting enthusiasts. Sicbo lobby with simple, easy-to-understand rules and attractive blue-nine ratio, giving players many opportunities to win big bets. To understand more about this game lobby, please follow the article below for the most satisfying experience!

Find out what is Sicbo? 

Sicbo is a folk game that originated in China and became popular and loved after spreading to the world. With simple game rules, you just need to observe the movement of the dice, then choose the appropriate bet to bring you large proportional bonuses New 88.

Currently, this game appears on all online betting websites, highly appreciated by bettors for its exciting experience and super attractive winning rates. Accordingly, the playing process will use 3 dice placed in a specialized shaker and shake. On each dice there are 6 sides corresponding to the number of buttons from 1 – 6. 

Immediately after rolling the dice, players need to bet on the box they think will appear when the results are announced. If your prediction is correct, this means you will win a high payout. In the game, points are allocated corresponding to Over and Under as follows: 

  • If the total score of the 3 dice is from 3 – 10, it corresponds to Under. 
  • If the total score of the 3 dice is 11 – 17, it is Over. 

Detailed instructions on how to play Sicbo effectively and win big 

After learning the concept of Sicbo, to be able to win easily you need to know more information on how to play at New88 effectively. Specifically:

Sicbo rules for new players to know 

Game rules are one of the top factors to understand when participating in any online betting content today. This is no exception with the game Sicbo.

  • In Over/Under betting 

This can be said to be the most popular and basic type in the Sic Xiu game today. Players will rely on the total score of the three dice, after being shaken, to calculate the corresponding Over or Under score. If from 4 to 10 points will be Under, from 11 to 17 is Over and the ratio is 1 to 1. With this bet, the winning rate will be 50 – 50 for the player. 

  • Odd/even bets 

Among the popular bets in the Sicbo game, odd/even bets also have simple and easy-to-understand rules for bettors. After the Dealer rolls the dice, you just need to choose to bet on the even or odd box. If the final result appearing on the 3 dice matches your prediction, the player wins.

  • Bet on a specific total 

True to its name, in this bet, you will predict the number of points appearing on the total of 3 excellent sides. Currently, this way of playing is chosen by many people because the reward rate is quite high and brings attractive bonuses to bettors. However, this also means that the win rate is lowered.
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  • Random dice bet 

Similar to betting on the total number, betting on random dice you will place money in the boxes corresponding to the number of points on the dice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The more boxes you place the higher the winning rate will be.

Common terms in the game Sicbo

Besides understanding the rules of Sicbo, players also need to know some terms in this game to play effectively and win big. Specifically:

  • Dice: A cube-shaped dice with 6 sides numbered from 1 to 6. 
  • Over (Big): Bet for total score from 11 – 17. 
  • Small: Place the total score of the 3 dice from 4 – 10. 
  • Red book: When 3 dice give the same result. 

Why should you choose to play Sicbo online?

At New88 bookmaker today, Sicbo is a quite popular and loved entertainment product. The top reasons players choose online Sicbo products are safety and convenience. Because the bookies all have policies to protect player information, it is absolutely safe and does not cause data leaks.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about the participation process having a negative impact on you. Besides, online Sic Bo content also has attractive bonus rates, bringing huge bonuses to each bettor. In particular, the modern, beautiful interface and the presence of beautiful Dealers will create a satisfying entertainment atmosphere for bettors. 

While playing games at the bookies, you will also enjoy many attractive promotions. This will give players more opportunities to participate in bonus bets, increasing their winning rate better. Currently, forums and chat groups exchange playing experiences Sicbo Online is also very developed, so you can learn many interesting things. 

Some tips for playing Sicbo to win big for bettors 

To be able to win when participating in Sicbo content, in addition to carefully understanding the game rules and the concept of what Sicbo is? You also need to know some more tips below. Specifically:

Understanding the rules of Sicbo is essential 

Game rules are one of the most important and essential factors when participating in the sicbo lobby. Therefore, if you want to have a smooth entertainment experience without violating the law, bettors should read and understand this content carefully.

Choose a reputable and quality playground 

Currently, there are many game portals providing Sicbo content on the market. You should consider and choose a reputable website, with a certificate of operation, as well as a stable system. This will help players avoid the risk of being scammed or encountering “ghost” betting sites, causing them to “lose money”.

Prioritize simple bets the first time you play 

For players who do not have much experience, when first starting out, you should not choose bets that are too complicated. Instead, you should only prioritize betting on Over – Under or Odd/Even bets. Because these are two extremely popular forms and have quite simple rules, a 50% reward rate, providing many opportunities for accumulated experience. 

Limit duplicate bets when playing Sicbo 

You should not place bets on only one bet over and over again, because this can cause the player to lose continuously and lose capital. Instead, bettors should consider splitting their bets on multiple doors to increase their odds of winning. 

Smart and flexible capital management 

Regardless of which online betting content a player participates in, flexible and appropriate financial management is essential. You absolutely should not bet “all in” on a game, instead observe and choose to bet high on the box with a higher chance of appearing. 

Keep your mind stable and calm 

In Bookmaker New88 If you want to win easily and have a flexible playing style, limiting risks, you should try to keep a stable mentality. This will also help players focus on accurate observations, increasing the rate of correct predictions much higher. 

Through the article of New88. learn about tips for playing sicbo, hope readers will get useful information and have an effective Sic Bo experience. Thanks to that, you can bring yourself attractive rewards and huge bonuses.

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