The most accurate football prediction formula today, helping to win big bets

Soccer prediction is a prerequisite to help you win bets and can earn a large reward value. So Football prediction formula What is that? What methods are there to help you predict football accurately? In the article shared below New88 will help you master the techniques as well as know the most accurate soccer lure formula with an almost absolute winning rate.
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What is the soccer prediction formula?

Soccer prediction formula is the term used to talk about calculations that help betting experts at New88 The latest 10 can draw conclusions and predict the match results. In other words, these formulas were born based on applying knowledge of Probability – Statistics in mathematics to football.

Through the results received after applying the soccer prediction formula, you can be more confident in making odds predictions and get closer to winning.

So are those formulas difficult?

Not only in the field of football betting, but any betting game has its own rules so that experts can make well-founded predictions and conclusions.

And soccer prediction formulas are based on actual information such as:

  • Reputation / Popularity of the team and the players.
  • Recent performance of the players.
  • Latest match statistics.

List of 7 football prediction formulas drawn from experts New88

Refer to the following 7 formulas reviewed by leading betting experts New88 Passing on will help bettors have the best and most accurate method of betting and receive huge bonuses from the house.

Soccer prediction formula based on score ratio

This soccer prediction formula helps you make the most objective assessments, thereby accurately predicting the likelihood of two teams winning at home/away.

Specifically, this formula is based on the number of points scored on the rankings and on previous matches at home/away. Because the betting experts at New88 Latest tv 10 evaluates that the scores on the rankings cannot objectively determine which team is stronger because the ability of the teams to win at home and away is also different.

Specifically, the general formula for predicting soccer bets based on score ratio:

X= (A – B) x 100.

In there:

  • X is the closing parameter.
  • A is the number of points the home team achieves when playing at home/the corresponding number of matches played.
  • B is the number of points the away team achieves when playing away from home/the corresponding number of matches played.

After applying the football prediction formula above, 3 cases will occur as follows:

  • X = 0: High possibility that in this match the two teams will draw.
  • X is a positive number, the home team will have a chance to win (if X is larger, the home team’s chance of winning is higher)
  • X is a negative number, the away team will have a greater chance of winning (if X is smaller, the away team’s chance of winning is higher).

A specific example for you to easily understand is in the match between Hanoi and Than Quang Ninh, in which Hanoi is the home team with parameters A and B received as follows:

  • A: The home team Hanoi played 8 matches at home and achieved 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss.
  • B: Away team from Quang Ninh played 6 away matches and achieved 3 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss.


Formula for predicting soccer scores based on the performance of the two teams

When applying this soccer prediction formula, you will only focus on the factor that is the performance of the two teams in their most recent home/away appearances.
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When you compare the results with 4 or 6 recent matches, the following corresponding results will appear:

  • Loss at home or opponent’s field: 0 VND.
  • Draw at home: 1 pt.
  • Away draw: 2 pts.
  • Win at home: 3 points.
  • Away win: 5 pts.

After getting the final result, you compare to see which team has better performance, that will be the team with a higher chance of winning, you should place a bet.

Formula to predict results based on performance weight

Many people think that formula 2 and formula 3 have similarities, so they do not take this football prediction formula seriously. But in reality, performance weight points not only pay attention to the performance but also the playing spirit of the players.

This soccer prediction formula is calculated based on the results of the last 4-6 matches to calculate points.

  • If the team plays 4 matches: Most recent match score x 4 + second closest match score x 3 + next closest match score x 2 + remaining match score is not multiplied.
  • If the team plays 6 matches: Most recent match score x 6 + second closest match score x 5 + next closest match score x 4 + … + remaining match score is not multiplied.

Then you just need to compare and contrast to see which team’s total score is higher, that team has a higher chance of winning, and then make a betting decision.

Prediction formula based on goal/loss difference

To calculate the difference in goals/losses between teams, you just need to subtract the number of goals the team conceded throughout the group.

This difference will show you which team has the ability to score better, has good defense and concedes few goals in matches. Although this football prediction formula is simple, it is only highly accurate for matches where the two teams have met each other in previous seasons.

Soccer prediction formula based on home field rating/opponent field rating

In football, even if it is a famous and highly rated team, the psychology when playing at home will be different from the psychology when playing at the opponent’s field. Understanding that, experts make bets New88 Latest 10 came up with this formula based on the home and opponent scoreboards.

The specific soccer prediction formula is calculated as follows: Z = X/Y

  • Z is the betting prediction parameter of the match.
  • X is the score that the team scored when playing at home/corresponding number of matches.
  • Y is the score that the team scored when playing away from home/corresponding number of matches.

After applying the above football prediction formula, you will see the following cases occur:

  • If Z is smaller than 0, the team will not be highly appreciated for its ability to win bets.
  • If Z = 1 means the possibility of winning at home and away is the same, and to be able to give the most accurate betting results, you should review the performance score (formula 2).
  • If Z > 1 then you should bet on the home team because the probability of winning is high.

Predict soccer results based on professional scores

Besides the actual score, a match on the field always has dramatic and unexpected situations that can cause regret for fans when the ball touches the crossbar, goalpost, or the goalkeeper’s hand,…

However, with betting experts New88 6, this is a professional score that proves that team can have a chance to convert into a goal. Therefore, the soccer prediction formula based on professional scores was created so that you can add points to teams with a high chance of winning through deploying good attack and running tactics, etc.

The formula is calculated as follows: M = (number of shots in the right direction x 2 + number of shots off target + number of left corners)/10 + actual number of goals in the match (or multiple matches, each goal = 1 ).

Soccer predictions based on home/opponent field scores

This football prediction formula is applied as follows: M = M1/M2

In which M1 is the home score, M2 is the away score.

  • If M = 1, it means the team is in good form and to be able to make a betting decision, you need to review the most recent matches.
  • If M>1 means that team has better performance at home.
  • If M<1 means that team has better away performance.

Why should you apply the soccer betting formula when betting?

When faced with the same data, each person will have different opinions and you will feel that “everything is reasonable”. So at this time, using betting formulas will help bettors avoid subjective judgments and make more informed decisions.

Although during the 90-minute match there will inevitably be unexpected situations and you cannot be 100% sure that your guess is correct. But applying football prediction formulas with an accuracy of up to 80 – 90% helps you be more confident when making decisions.

Above are all 7 soccer prediction formulas used by experts New88 share. Hopefully the above formulas will be useful to you, helping you make the most accurate predictions and betting decisions, and receive high bonuses from the house.

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