How to Use Artificial Intelligence For Better Autofocusing and Subject Tracking

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, is a collection of techniques and technologies designed to replicate human brain processes. This includes natural language processing, image recognition and machine learning capabilities.

How to use artificial intelligence for superior autofocusing and subject tracking
Canon is leading the charge with their advanced ‘deep learning’ algorithms that enable your camera to learn about certain subject types so it can recognize them and focus on them more accurately. There are various other ways too, but Canon seems to be leading the charge here.

1. AI Servo (AF-C)

This mode is ideal for subjects that move quickly, like animals or cars. It uses computer vision to analyze the scene and anticipate where the subject will move so it can continuously adjust its focus in order to maintain sharp focus as they get closer or further away from the camera.

2. One-Shot AF (AF-S)

This autofocus mode on most Canon cameras is ideal for capturing motionless subjects, like portraits or landscapes. It automatically focuses on the nearest point to the lens without needing manual focus – meaning you won’t miss any shots because your subject moves in front of the lens! With One-Shot AF (AF-S), however, you have full control over capturing perfect shots every time!

3. AI Focus AF (AF-S)

This can be tricky when your subject is moving, as there will be a delay between when you press the shutter button and when the camera actually starts focusing on them. In many cases, this delay could result in overshooting by just millimetres, so be cautious when using this option.

4. AI Focus AF can’t focus on very shallow depths of field, but it works well for subjects that don’t move too much – such as birds in flight or groups of people.

5. AI Servo AF is ideal for subjects that are moving or changing direction, as it tracks their position and continuously adjusts its focus to keep them in focus.

6. AI Servo isn’t perfect, but it’s better than relying solely on manual focus – so it’s worth experimenting with both modes to find which works best for your style of photography.

7. AI Servo is ideal for fast-moving subjects, as it aims to continuously track them and maintain focus as they navigate around the frame.

8. AI Servo is similar to One-Shot, but works better in motion and maintains focus without stopping and starting – making it a great choice for both street and portraiture shooters.

9. AI Servo is ideal for focusing on objects with very shallow depths of field, or if your subject is constantly moving. This makes it a great choice when using autofocus on moving targets.

10. Final Thoughts:

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