How Can You Locate Termite Colonies?

Hinsdale is one of the wealthiest towns in the state, which makes the properties in the area quite expensive, and any damage will lead to significant financial loss. Termites pose a major threat to your property as they feed on wooden structures and cellulose materials that include your valuable furniture and document papers. Searching for a Hinsdale pest control company can help you deal with termite infestations in your home or any commercial property. Here, we are going to discuss how you can locate a termite colony.

What are the common places where termites grow?

In the USA, termites tend to be present in the southern region, the southeast region, the West, and the Southwest. Pests occur most often in the tropical areas of the world. On top of all that, Florida has the most termite colonies in almost every area of the state. It is followed by states such as Texas, South Carolina, etc.

Why is it crucial to locate?

In order to attain effective pest control, it is important to locate termite colonies. They live in large colonies that contain a plethora of termites, ranging from thousands to even millions. Only treating the visible signs, such as mud tubes and damaged wood, is not sufficient, as it is merely a small fraction of such an infestation. You need to deal with the source of the problem, which is apparently their colonies. Thus, it is crucial to locate termite colonies inside your property.

Steps to locate their colonies:

There are several steps that you can take, such as given below:

  1. Search for swarmers.

Swarmers are essentially winged termites that leave the colony to build and form new colonies. If you find them around your property, it may be a strong indication of a termite colony nearby.

  1. Investigate those mud tubes.

These termites build mud tubes in order to maintain moisture and safely travel between a food source and their colony. If you find these mud tubes around your house, you can follow them to basically locate their colony.

  1. Look out for damaged wood.

Termites feed on wood from the inside and the outside. You can tap on the wood surfaces and try to hear if those wooden structures sound hollow from the inside or crumble more easily. And if that is the case, it may be infested with termites.

Consult with a professional.

Termites can be quite destructive in nature, and it may be exhausting and time-consuming to locate and deal with them all by yourself. Even then, it does not guarantee a complete riddance as they may be hiding and building colonies in such corners of your house or property that you cannot even possibly think of, which makes it hard to notice. 

And if these termites stay on your property for a longer period of time, it may increase the damage, which will eventually lead to more financial losses. Thus, it is recommended that if you suspect a possible termite infestation or see some signs of their existence at your property, you should contact professional pest control services, as they have the right expertise to deal with such infestations in an effective way.

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